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Last week's tweetup at Gelatomassi was the best yet.  There was a fantastic new and diverse group in attendance.

Part of the magic of these events is meeting new people and bringing new ideas and conversation into your world.  This week was no exception, with some who had never been to this gelateria before, and certainly will be back.

A quick roundup of tweeps: Aisha, Radhika, Ron, Frances, Brad, Bruno, Vinh, Stuart, Mahei, Anna, Yvette, Simon, Sean and Tony

A cute end to the night was proprietor Ciccio La Rosa joining us at the table for supper – with his home-made chicken noodle soup!  Classic.

I am thinking of running the next event in late May – stay tuned for #gelatotub5 tweets.


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Hey there.  Thanks for stopping by Tony Hollingsworth and Anthony Milner’s new food blog, The Food Zeitgeist.  We’re two Sydney-based IT professionals who are passionate about food and coffee.  We love good food and coffee, and we’re spolit for choice here in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia.  Why Zeitgesit?  Well, its an unusual word that’s for sure, meaning “the spirit of the times” and we believe it encapsulates what this blog is about.  This blog will contain reviews and suggestions for where we believe the best food and coffee is to be found, not only in Sydney (although that will be our focus) but also the broader region of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Australia.

Anthony and Tony not only love food and coffee, but take pleasure in sharing this passion with others.  So wherever we go, and what we enjoy, we will share with you all.  Be sure to stop by regularly, subscribe to our updates, and leave a comment or two.

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