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As you may know, one of my favourite words is serendipity I’ve posted about how Twitter creates serendipity and builds community.   Do you remember the last time you had an experience which left you on such a natural high, it’s all you could think about for days afterwards?   An experience when once finished, you ask yourself and the others with you, “What just happened?”  “What WAS that?”

Well, thanks to Twitter and its ability to create serendipity and build community, I was invited by my friend Mahei (aka @Iconic88) to an interesting breakfast event in Sydney.   “Iconic” and I first met at Coffee Mornings in Surry Hills after I extended an invitation via Twitter.  When I arrived, much to my surprise and delight were other like-minds who I have come to know via Twitter over the past year.

It gets better – how can I describe the talented, beautiful and passionate chef Bridget Davis?  Known only to me as @Bridget_CooKs on Twitter, she is living proof that there are amazing people on Twitter, and you should do everything in your power to meet Bridget and experience her culinary creations.  In fact this week you have that opportunity, with a special Media 140 Food and the real-time web event about to commence.

I arrived at breakfast, to be greeted by our host Mahei who introduced me to Bridget and the other guests.   After being treated to espresso, Bridget guided us to a working kitchen inside the Electrolux Australia offices in the Sydney suburb of Mascot.  It”s so beautifully set up you feel right at home.

We all got talking immediately (thanks to Twitter and the coffee mornings/tweetups we are all a part of) it felt like we were a bunch of old friends catching up for a regular meal together.  Amazing!

Now on to the food.  Bridget Davis is a genius.  Have a look at the photos, but here is what we were treated to for breakfast.


Sugar plums with organic labne.
1st course:

Scrambled egg with corn and parmesan on toasted sourdough with a kubota tomato salad and fresh mache lettuce mache lettuce
2nd Course:

Confit of ocean trout on an avocado tartar with organic New Zealand avocado oil
3rd Course:

Peaches poached with cinnamon and star anise on ricotta drop scones with berry infused maple marscapone and fresh mint.
What do you think?  Isn’t that an amazing looking breakfast?  Combined with the great company, and relaxed confidence of Bridget Davis, I was in heaven.  It truly was a breakfast to remember.

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G’day folks,

My friend and prolific aussie blogger Neerav Bhatt asked me a question on Twitter tonight, which needs more than 140 characters to answer.

Neerav asks “who are the best Sydney foodie bloggers/tweeters with the biggest audience numbers?” I don’t have access to the audience numbers for these bloggers (I’m sure they would be happy to provide them Neerav) so I am listing the bloggers that I admire, plus I would recommend visiting the link lists on each blog to see which blogs these foodies admire too.

I admire these Sydney-based bloggers because they are active, posting regular updates.  The quality of the writing is excellent, they demonstrate great passion and they take fantastic photos.

Update: 28th Febrary 2010 (latest Twitter numbers)

I’ve renamed the post to Australian/NZ with the latest inclusion.

Thoughts from Becca (@frombecca – 26,322 followers)

The Internet Chef – Bridget Davis (@Bridget_CooKs – 6,521 followers)

Not Quite Nigella (@notquitenigella – 2,896 followers)

Fig & Cherry (@figandcherry – 1,697  followers)

Grab Your Fork (@grabyourfork – 1,480 followers)

Fooderati (@fooderati – 1,449 f0llowers)

Lemon Pi (@lemonpi – 1,135 followers)

I Am Obsessed with Food (@reemski – 1,171 followers)

Chocolatesuze (@chocolatesuze – 919 followers)

Gosstronomy (@gosstronomy – 978 followers)

A Table for Two (@atablefortwo – 629 followers)

Kissing Frogs and Eating Snails (@yllawright – 496 followers)

Eat Show & Tell (@howardt – 436 followers)

The Sydney Tarts (@aptronym – 373 followers)

Raspberry Cupcakes (@stephcookie – 231 followers)

The Wheeling Gourmet (@WGChef – 146 followers)

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Hey there, Tony here.  It’s the Summer holidays here in Sydney and like many of us, the annual trek north from Sydney to visit family is under way.  What a surprise to find Bent on Food then, a country cafe/provedore situated in the town of Wingham, NSW.  Wingham is located west of Taree on the mid North Coast of NSW.  Donna, the friendly proprietor of this cafe, has years of experience (she worked in the wine industry in Sydney) which culminated in her opening this store three years ago.  They have won numerous awards for excellence  Not surpisingly this is one of many such places springing up in country areas north of Sydney serving great food and coffee, as this recent article from The Age newspaper explains.

The Bent on Food cafe is special – it teaches us that there are quality food choices beyond the aisles of the local supermarket.  Plus it supports local and regional Australian produce.  For example we enjoyed a lovely goats cheese from artisan cheese maker Capparis (Gloucester, NSW), Far Meadow marinated figs (Berry, NSW) and cracked pepper Bacco’s leaves (Hunter Valley, NSW), a lovely biscuit bread to complement the figs and cheese.  Coffee from Segafredo was smooth, and the children enjoyed almond shortbread biscuits (Kourambiedes)

Special mention to Google Maps 2.0 and the Palm Treo 750 Smartphone.  Google has hooked up with TrueLocal which provides “Yellow Pages” style searching with maps (basically competing with Telstra’s Yellow Pages and Sensis services – go Google!)  The new version of Google Maps for mobiles has a “GPS” enhancement whereby it can find your location within 1-5 kms.  I utilised this on the road heading north, my Palm picked up I was near Taree, I searched for “Cafe” and Bent on Food was in the results lists.  Note to SEO-savvy readers: list your business in TrueLocal as a backup to Yellow Pages online.  Google maps will continue to be picked up by tech-savvy folk and once they’ve used this service they wont stop – its addictive because its useful, easy and fun.  If you have 3G mobile device download Google Maps from http://www.google.com.au/gmm/index.html

Shortly I will blog about two places in Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour.  Stay tuned!  Bon Appetit, Tony.

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